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Introducing Up & Coming New Artist – IAMTY


Tyler Edgerson aka IamTY born and raised in Akron, OH. Grew up in a single mother home with one younger sister and a older cousin who’d become like a sister; outside of the home was his oldest brother and sister from his dads first marriage and a bunch of close cousins on both sides of the families, times grew harder the older he got with his mom pulling ALL of the weight for the family and her soon to be passing mother.

IamTY went to Akron Public Schools such as Margret Park, Case, Litchfield & Firestone his mother got him into Baseball at a very young age (5) starting out at Kenmore little league before moving onto WABL (West Akron Baseball League). IamTY grew the love for baseball very young and was determined to make it to the MLB! IamTY always had a thing for music but never saw the full potential until later in life. But not before his journey in baseball took him to Mercyhurst NorthEast University on a baseball scholarship.

Making it through the fall season of college baseball Tyler grew a strong connection to creating music with a couple of roommates who started recording on their phones and free styling over any beat that was playing, they created a group called BrokenLimits that year which didn’t last long but without it wouldn’t had created IamTY. IamTY later left that year from Mercyhurst to headed back home to focus more on music with the motivation and guidance of his mother and business partner/brother Lopaz aka Chef .

The rest is history!

To find out more tune into all his social media’s Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and his YouTube channel @IamTY330 Facebook @IamTY to keep up with IamTY latest releases, shows and interviews! To get in contact with IamTY email him at iamtybooking@gmail.com check out his new video

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