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Investing In Your Career Is Important

I know we have all heard the saying… it takes money to make money right?  But have you ever really thought about that?  A lot of people who are self employed or business owners know there are A LOT of costs associated with running your business.  In addition to running your business, you also have to make a profit, right?!

I wanted to take the time to shout out a few people who have advertised with Ear Kandy Radio who have been recognized in the Ohio Entertainment Awards nomination process.  The event takes place on October 7, 2018 on the Kent Stage in Kent, OH.  This is an event to recognize the people who are at the top of their “entertainment” game.

When the nomination process started, the guys who put the event together (@drewlloyd and @dreday4everbaby) were asking people to nominate themselves or nominate somebody who we felt needed to be recognized for being at the top of their game.  There were literally hundreds of nominations, so the people who got the most nominations were placed on the ballot.  There are about 40 categories and between 5-10 people were nominated for each category.  This event is an awesome opportunity to recognize some of the GREATS in OHIO!!!  Yes, I said the whole state of OHIO!

But I wanted to take time out to shout out some people who have invested into their careers by becoming a sponsor and/or networking with Ear Kandy Radio.  If you go to the website https://www.ohiokingsoea.com/  you can check out all the people who were nominated.


Category #1 – Rob Bruce (Cinematographer of the Year) 

Category #3 – LaVail Duncan (Filmmaker of the Year)

Category #12 – Dezzie Jay & Amptified Evans (Poet of the Year)

Category #13 – LaRae McCall (Best Make-Up Artist)

Category #14 – Emerald Neki (Best Hairstylist)

Category #19 – Ampichino & Flames Oh God (Best Male Artist)

Category #20 – Trillnotic & Emerald Neki (Best Female Artist)

Category #22 – Jada Thai (Best Female R&B Artist)

Category #23 – Ampichino (Lyricist of the Year)

Category #25 – 500 Hardy – Best New Artist

Category #26 – Eli Bandman (People’s Choice)

Category #29 – Smiggz (Photographer of the Year)

Category #33 – King Locust (Businessman of the Year)

Category #34 – Brittney Miller (Businesswoman of the Year)

Brittney C. Miller
CEO of Ear Kandy Radio

Category #36 – Crisis Banks & NightLyfe Dtone (Host of the Year)

Category #39 – Ear Kandy Radio (Best Independent Radio Show)



Super Huge shout out to all the people who were nominated!  Go to https://www.ohiokingsoea.com/ to VOTE & purchase your tickets, they are only $20 in advance.  Everybody come out to support everybody!  This is huge… All of Ohio.


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