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Is it ok to see your friend’s wife naked?

So there are supposed to be rules when it comes to your friends and their spouses that in today’s day and age have been all but forgotten, and this situation is proof of that, well if you ask me!

On Thursday last week Gabrielle Union posted a picture on Instagram, that was a little on the riskier side for her. In the picture which is Below Gabby’s very hard and protruding nipples are center stage she is in a two piece swim suit and she is all wet looking like she was coming straight outta the water. With her skin on glisten and a slight smile she easily stole the show or the gram lol… But one comment took the focus off the stunning picture. The comment left by Gabby’s husband’s very own teammate Jimmy Butler.

So Butler was one of 30,389 comments left on her post, but his stood out! Jimmy commented “WELL DAMN!!” yes in all caps, and of course his friend and team mate also Gabby’s husband responded by commenting “MINE”… So now the questions on every bodies mind is who was wrong? Was Butler wrong for commenting, or Gabby for posting, or Wade for responding to a IG comment?

Well if you ask me…

Everyone shares apart in the wrong doing! 1st Gabby because yes hunty that body is AH-Mazing don’t get me wrong, but not for the world to see. As a married woman there are certain things that you just shouldn’t do because of that fact alone you are married and your husband deserves your respect! Also if she had not posted the picture then Butler would not have been able to comment on it.

Buuuuuut, if D Wade approved the picture and he didn’t see anything wrong with it or find it inappropriate in anyway, Then she did nothing wrong it depends on how they run their relationship… In my opinion.

Whatever the case may be Butler was wrong, this isn’t just a IG model or sexy actress this is his friends WIFE so that type of comment is never okay especially on such a public forum. It was disrespectful to the both of them and their marriage. My only question to Jimmy is would you have said that in that manner if were actually there when the photo was snapped… If no then even he knows that he was wrong, and He was just flexing his social media balls.

Now with all that being said Mr. Wade didn’t have to stoop to his level by replying to his comment he could have very well called or shot him a text like hey bro that’s not cool and told wifey to remove the comment. But also he could have said something pre post if he felt some type of way and if he didn’t than he should understand who and what he married! I know plenty of men who have dreamed about seeing Gabrielle like this and her image is still that of a sex symbol, so he should expect this level of lust for his wife.

I don’t know this is a hard one, almost as hard as them Nips lol… But there’s the picture what do you think?



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