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Is Jen Shah (Mazing) Innocent Or Guilty?

Real Housewife of Salt Lake city reality star Jen Shah  is set to go on trial July 18th 2022.  She has been charged with conspiring to commit wire fraud and conspiring to commit money laundering through telemarketing. Shah can face up to as many as 50 years in prison if found guilty.

Shah has plead not guilty however, her primary assistant and close friend Stuart Smith has already plead guilty to all charges. Jen was arrested on national tv while filming The Real Housewives of Salt lake city.   The telemarketing scheme Shah is accused of says that she was targeting the elderly and taking their money since 2012.

These elderly people allegedly were business owners who paid Shah to help grow their company. Sources say some  these elderly business owners did not even own computers.  Who really owns a business and not a computer?

While some scrutinize her, she is still loved by many and has been receiving a tremendous amount of support from her followers, The Shah Squad. Some people took to Twitter teasing the reality star with “Jen Shah Trial Month” jokes, The Shah Squad clapped back and has turned it into a month to be celebrated.

Leading up to the July 18th hearing, Shah has gained the respect of many. She has been very supportive of different social issues that other Real Housewives cast members have been silent about. Jen Shah has shown support for the BLM movement, LBGTQ community, The Tongan culture, Women’s rights & more.  

Innocent until proven guilty is what Jen and her Shah Squad demands, Justice for all.

She is one of the few who uses her platform to bring awareness to social injustices and it has her deemed a fan favorite despite all the legal woes surrounding her.

Do you believe Jen Shah is Innocent? Why would the FBI, homeland security, & NYPD arrest her in Salt Lake City if they didn’t have solid proof? Will you be celebrating Jen Shah Trial month?

Ear Kandy staff will continue to follow this story closely and stay up to date with all the tea surrounding the Queen Bed of SLC.

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