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Is Nicki Minaj Finally Pregnant

Nicki Minaj was doing a Q&A on Twitter with her fans and said some things that has everybody wondering if she and her husband, Kenneth Petty, are really expecting a baby.

One of her followers asked her if she had been cooking during the quarantine, and she responded,

“Absolutely, steak, shrimp, plus my famous cheeseburgers. So good. Benn really having red meat cravings, then salad cravings with extra jalapenos. Order chicken nachos that didn’t come with jalapenos. Who does that? Wow.”

Another one of her followers asked her was she experiencing morning sickness, and she replied,

“LMAO. No throwing up, but nausea and peeing non stop. Omg what do you think this means guys???? Lmaoooooooo”

Nicki Minaj went on to tease her fans saying she would share a baby bump picture in a couple months, but the world ain’t ready yet!

Well if she is pregnant, congratulations to the couple… but knowing Nicki, she is probably just talking shit. LOL

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