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Is the United States headed into Martial Law?

Could Martial Law be next for the United States? I recently reported that Ohio school(s)will be extending their spring break til April 3rd. Nursing facilities are not allowing family members to come visit loved ones. In certain cities businesses are allowing people to work from home.

It made me think is Martial Law next?

What Is Martial Law? 

Martial law is a law administered by the military rather than a civilian government. Martial law may be declared in an emergency or response to a crisis, or to control occupied territory.

The coronavirus is becoming a crisis in the United States! I pray it doesn’t come to that but things are not looking great for us. People in healthcare are at higher risk. Elderly and people with weak immune system’s.

How will people pay their rent and bills! Many people can’t afford to miss a day let alone multiple weeks. With schools closing this is the reality for multiple families. How will we get food? Will we be allowed to leave our homes? The state is encouraging people to not hold more than 100 people at their establishments. Multiple concerts have been canceled due to the virus. The NBA even cancelled the whole season!

If we go into Marital Law just know DeAnna Kay Told you! Stock up on food items and housing supplies. Unfortunately things are about to get worse.

There were rumors in the media that in China they’re killing people off with the virus. Not treating them and placing them in isolation. Those reports have not been confirmed but with the rumors on population control do you think it’s true? Are they killing us off? Is the coronavirus a man made virus that manipulated too fast and now they can’t control it? Check out our other blog on this theory. It was a book stated around 2020 a uncontrollable illness will be released and kill millions…

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