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Is There A Cure to HIV?




Akron, OH– A few weeks ago, I shared on my live show, amongst thousands of listeners that I became infected with herpes and the HIV virus. It wasn’t the easiest thing to do and if you look back on my show, you’ll notice the discomfort as I was fighting with myself as to whether or not I wanted to reveal this. I’m must say, I feel a lot lighter since doing so.

Since that Friday after my show Wayne’s Views every Friday 7p-9p I’ve been bombarded with questions, support, encouragement, interview request, speaking engagements, people have even opened up to me about their own health issues and of course it’s only right to give #EarKandyRadio my first live interview since sharing my diagnosis with the world. On July 24 at 7p Secret Battles host DeAnna Kay will be interviewing me live in front of thousands.

I was in denial a while after being diagnosed simply because I never thought something like this could happen to me. I hate germs! I’m not even 25 yet! I used protection any other time, but I just had to share with the world that all it takes is 1 time. I never wanted this for myself, so I felt like advocating is needed.

On August 10th, I’ll be starting the Alkaline diet with some viewers and colleagues. Another reason I shared this with the world my health issues is because I knew that I needed the motivation to do this diet. Having people follow my journey and actually join me for some time through this journey, makes it that much easier for me.

 To Alkaline consist of a natural, plant based diet that rids toxins, plaque and mucus from the body. It’s known to CURE many diseases to include herpes and HIV/AIDS by showing that everything we eat is a medicine to the body.

I’ll do this diet as strict as it is for atleast 3 months just to compare levels, then depending on the results, I’ll continue on until my entire body is cleaned and free of these diseases. During this, I WILL NOT BE MEDICATING myself.

If this diet isn’t the cure to HIV, there are ways to live a long, healthy life being HIV positive with medication, however I’m choosing not to medicate myself for this disease.

A vast majority of people living with HIV are low and middle income countries.

In 2016, 19.4 million people were living with HIV; about 2.1 million of those affected were from North America.

36.7 million people are CURRENTLY living with HIV/AIDS.

2.1 million children worldwide are living  with HIV/AIDS. Most children are affected by mothers during prpegnancy, child birth or breastfeeding.

17,528 African American were diagnosed with HIV in 2016. 12,890 men. 4,560 women.

16% of those are UNAWARE.


I highly encourage my people to get tested for HIV frequently! Testing negative means there aren’t any present antibodies in your body at that time. Test by swab and finger detects ONLY 4-12 weeks after potential exposure. Antibodies can take weeks to form and be detected in your blood which is why it’s important to get tested every 3-6 months.

Ways to get HIV include:

  • unprotected sex
  • mother to child birth trasmission
  • shared injection equipment
  • contaminated blood transfusion or organ traansplant

You CAN NOT get HIV from the following:

  • smoking
  • kissing
  • sharing cutlery
  • toilet seats
  • physical touching
  • insect bites
  • and it is not airborne

Being undetectable means that there is less than 200 copies or ML in your blood that being medicated and virally suppressed, one with HIV is less likely to spread the virus.

Get tested. Stay tested. Never think you’re too cool to get tested, medicated or to wear protection.

To find testing near you or to speak to anyone about any sexually transmitted diseases, call 1.800.332.2437.

It’s free, confidential and resourceful.

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