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Is there a difference between a booster and a thief

So I legit need some advice and please keep this anonymous.  Well not really advice but opinions from people who don’t know me or the situation.  I have a friend who is a booster. She goes in damn near all the stores and can get you whatever you need.  Some things have been coming up missing at my house.  She is always there but it is also always other people there.  She has never stole anything from me or anybody else that I know of, but I think she is the most likely person to take anything out of the people we have over.  & the only reason I say she is is the most likely is because she is a booster and the things that are coming up missing are high priced and things that could be easily resold.  Am I wrong to think she took my shit?  Do you think there is a difference between a booster and a thief?

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