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Is Your Kid Having (Or Thinking About) Sex? Know The Warning Signs…

Having a teenager this day and age is a scary thing, although I’m sure our parents thought the same things when we were kids.  But this is coming from a person who currently has two 14 year old teenagers (and NO they are NOT twins LOL).  Our kids are growing up faster, and they are definitely getting more exposure to sexual content than we ever did & much sooner than they should (thanks to television, music and the world wide web) and more curious about sex than children born a decade ago.

While nobody wants to think about their sweet innocent little children engaging in any type of sexual activity, you have to consider when you were young.  When did you start having sexual feelings?  Perhaps it’s time that us as parents started observing our children a little more… like how they behave, the way they dress and talk, who their friends are, etc.

Here are five signs that might help you find out if your child is sexually active.

  1. You child is obsessed with their privacy!  Their doors are closed (probably locked as well, even though you have told them not to be locking the doors in your house) and they demand that you knock before entering their room at all times.  They never leave their phone unattended & they also probably have a lock code on their phone as well.  They don’t want anybody to know who they are talking to and what they are talking about.  
  2. They will become real curious about your whereabouts.  You know they really don’t care about what you will be doing, but what they do care about it WHEN WILL YOU BE HOME?!  Translation…  how much time do they have to sneak around before you get home.  If you’re going out somewhere, they will ask you — in as subtle a manner as they can — where you are headed and more importantly, what time you might be back.  
  3. They become more concerned about their appearance.  When you go out shopping, they might suddenly express an interest in labelled clothes, or you may notice that they are wearing a perfume/cologne on a daily basis, maybe your daughter has started wearing make-up…  These are all signs they may be attracted to somebody and they are trying to get/keep their attention.  
  4. Your questions will not be tolerated.  No matter what you say to your child, how simple the question may be… they will be VERY annoyed with you!  They will feel like you are being “all up in their business” and get an attitude and maybe even stop talking to.  They will not take kindly to your questions related to anything about their friends, where they are going or when they’ll be back. These outbursts are a result of two things: fear that the parent could find out what they are up to, and guilt for the way they are hiding things from you. you.  
  5. Their friends visit when you’re not home

    You will notice that there are some friends who never visit when you are at home, yet, when you come back home from somewhere, those friends are always at home. Be warned.


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