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Issue 1 REJECTED By The People Of Ohio

As the Primary Election comes to a close, we learn that Issue 1 did not pass!  Ohio had a chance to really to change the drug & sentencing laws in the state, but the state ultimately rejected the amendment.

The amendment to the law proposed for judges not to be able to sentence low level drug offenses to prison or jail & that they would be misdemeanors and not felonies (unless it was their 3rd offense in the past 2 years).

The voters who opposed the amendment to the law felt that just by changing the drugs laws, it would not guarantee a safer state & communities.  Voters felt the laws would be less harsh and have a lot of drug dealers in their communities.  They thought it would cripple the drug courts in their sentencing guidelines.

When ballots were counted in early voting, the issue fell behind in the polls 39% to 61%.  A little over 3 million votes have been counted & Issue 1 was failing 35% to 65% and the Associated Pressed called the race.

Ultimately, voters seemed to like some parts of the amendment but it was not specific enough.  I was very happy to see people showing up for the polls!  That was dope.  What’s next Ohio??


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