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Do you have moments of self blaming because of something you forgot to do? Do you beat yourself about the smallest things? Belittling yourself because you missed an important business meeting? Overslept from school? Felt bad because you didn’t call and check on a sick friend after you promised you would? Behind on bills? Called off work for the 3rd time this month? Good thing about all of this is…. life still continues on lol. No seriously we tend to beat ourselves over the head about things we can simply make better or if we can’t change, move around them.

I personally have been studying Eckhart Tolle so I am on my living in the NOW wave and being present in the moment. Ask yourself is this something I can fix? What can I do better next time? I am not saying to mess up and just keep going. Yes hold yourself accountable but there is no reason to beat yourself up about things that can not be undone. It happened already so you should be worried about what you are doing now at this very moment. Mistakes are meant for us to learn. Come up with some creative skills to do better. Below is a link to the blog I stumbled across through psych central on how to deal with the hidden depression of Shame. Check it out and feel free to comment below your thoughts.

The Magic Question to Help Stop Shame in Its Tracks

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