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It’s Not Personal It’s Business Part 2


Bill Gates did not graduate from Harvard; instead, he left Harvard during his junior year to start the company that has made him so famous and the richest person in the world (according to Forbes), Microsoft Corporation was formed in 1975 and it has completely changed the way the world uses computers today.  The idea that would spawn Microsoft initiated when Paul Allen showed Bill Gates the first of January, 1975 issue of Popular Electronics that demonstrated the Altair 8800. Allen and Gates saw potential to develop an implementation of the programming language BASIC interpreter for the system. This man turned his ‘Vision Into Reality’ and became the trendsetter of our time in the way we all utilize the INTERNET.

What was the first internet radio station? How did online radio become what it is today?

The world’s first ever internet radio station was launched by Carl Malmud in 1993.  His station, dubbed “Internet Talk Radio”, featured interviews of public figures in the field of science and technology – Very soon after a number of live concerts were broadcast over the internet, followed by the launch of the first radio station to play music on the web.

Here in Akron, OH we have our own African American Female Owned and Operated by Brittney C. Miller Internet Radio Station. Five years ago her first show was with a friend and they were on Voice It Radio another popular Internet Radio Station based out of Cleveland, OH. Brittney continued to do the show without her friend from home and then decided to make it a business and solicit other personalities in 2017. Today there over 13 million listeners all over the world and on September 2, 2018 Ear Kandy Radio will be celebrating 5 years of operation.


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