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J Prince Clears The Air After Being Mention In Meg’s Lawsuit

J Prince is speaking out regarding all the “lies” swirling around this lawsuit filed by Megan Thee Stallion against her record label, 1501 Certified Ent (which also included his name in the lawsuit).

J Prince is not happy AT ALL, and he is here to set the record straight. At the end of the day, he feels like Megan got a damn good deal… because what other artists are able to get a deal where they get to keep 40% of their profits. On top of that, he says her mother could read, and she negotiated a good deal for her daughter.

Sounds like Megan is just getting greedy! Seems like she forgot all the hard work that went into making her the superstar she is today. Her record label put in all the hard work and now she is ready to renegotiate the terms of her contract. Unfortunately, that’s not really how it works. But take a look at what J Prince had to say about the whole situation.

Do you guys think Meg is right or J Prince? Just being honest… I think I have to side with the label and J Prince on this one.

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