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Ja Rule Says “It Looks Like 50 Cent’s Breath Stinks All The Time”

WOW… Like really Ja Rule??? I thought you learned your lesson by now about messing with 50 Cent! I mean we all remember 50 Cent basically ANNIHILATING Ja Rule’s career (Wanksta) right?

Well apparently, Ja Rule is either looking to be verbally & social medially (is that a word LOL) put to bed (like coffin & nail) or he wants to make his name pop in trending news.

Ja Rule went on Andy Cohen’s show (Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen) and started talking about how him & Ja Rule needed to end their 15 year plus beef. He said he was removing himself from the circus (I thought he was trying to be the bigger person). NOPE

Andy Cohen went on to ask him to say three nice things about 50 Cent, and that’s where things took a turn for the worst! Not only did Ja say that it looks like 50’s breath always stinks… he also said that he was a bad father! SMH! Take a look at the video below and tell me if you guys think Ja Rule will ever have a comeback?

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