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Jack of all trades, Master of None

Big shoutout to my Newest Sponsors! New Era 330! New area was started by

Ashley Armstead 

A 28yr old entrepreneur born and raised Akron, Ohio and love every bit of it. Here’s Ashley story: “Jack of All trades, Master of none” This quote changed my life forever! Over the years I’ve workedmany odd jobs and picked up different skills to ensure I always made money, but I struggled to find that one thing I was great at.You know, that one thing that you do much better than anything else. At age 17 I became an STNA and worked as an aide for 8 years. 6 of which I was attending college. Through the years I felt unappreciated not only by the families of the people I cared for but by the management of the facility I worked for. In October 2015, 9 months after graduating college getting a new position with no pay increase, I decided that something had to change. Made 2 phone calls one to my mom and one to my dad, created a plan and Feb 2016, I quit my job! Then decided to go into a family business helping those with physical and mental disabilities with the ultimate goal of becoming my own boss and creating a work environment for others that I’ve always wanted. As I progressed in that business the idea of becoming a CPR instructor was merely to get our new hires certified but I found I was pretty good at instructing. Remembering the long drawn out First Aid, CPR class I had taken a year before made me think “I could actually make this a business and do a good deed at the same time” Hence the tagline “Helping Others To Save Lives” So October 2016, a mere 8 months after quitting my job New Era 330 was officially created. What does New Era 33o stand for? The New Period of Entrepreneurship in Akron. I wanted a business that stood out for how people felt after they have paid for the product. I want others to feel accomplished, confident and resourceful from the information gained during a skill session with New Era 330. Im also very big on giving customers the best experience so by being convenient, effective and family oriented Im able to give Families, Business and individuals the information and skills needed to Help Save A Life.


First Aid Only 

Adult First Aid, CPR with AED

Pediatric First Aid, CPR with AED

BLS (Basic Life Support for Healthcare professionals)

Family First CPR

Contact Info 

Office Hours 11a-2p

Phone: 330-983-9240

Email: NewEraAkron@gmail.com

Website: www.NewEra330.com

Address: 3111 W. Market St, Fairlawn Oh

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