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Jail House Blues

My bf is in jail right now.  We been together for 4 years and he got sentenced to 3 years.  I dont have no problem waiting on him because I really love that dude and I dont want to be w anybody else.  Heres the problem.  He wants me to bring him “stuff” when I come see him.  Like it is super easy to get it to him but at the same time I have kids.  What will I do if I get caught up fooling with him?  Who will watch my kids?  I been trying to stand firm on my decision to not do that but now he is saying Im pushing him to have to deal with another female because I wont bring it to him and he claims that is the only way he can make some money in jail.  Like damn this nigga went to jail for selling drugs and he in there and still doing the same thing.  I just dont want to be that next “DUMB B*TCH” out here waiting on a dude who is only going to go back to jail when he gets out.  But I also dont want to be that girl who left her man when he was down on his luck.  Because I am not going for him dealing with another female on that level.  Especially when you have to kiss to make the transaction.  Nope I aint going for it.  But I do need some advice.

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One thought on “Jail House Blues

  1. The only people you need to think about is your kids. You responsible for them and if anything happen where you get caught, that’s messing up they lives. And if he don’t understand that then I don’t know why you dealing with him in the first place.

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