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Jail House Relationship

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My dude is in jail.  He was sentenced to 4 years, which is not that long but all my friends are telling me that I am stupid for waiting on him.  Before he got locked up, we were not really a couple.  I mean we were rocking super tough, you might as well say that we were a couple, we just didn’t have the title because he was not ready to be in a relationship.  He was always good to me on the streets, he always took care of me financially and he was there emotionally (only real issue was that he had little hoes he would fuck, but we weren’t official so I couldn’t complain).

Now that I have shown him that I am really down for him, and that I will be here through the good times and the bad… he wants to get married.  I am so happy, but I feel like my friends are really killing my vibe.  I don’t want to say they are hating, because I know they love me but why can’t they just be happy for me?  I mean isn’t the goal for all relationships to get married?

Do you guys think I’m stupid or are my friends hating?  Can jailhouse relationships really work?

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One thought on “Jail House Relationship

  1. I believe u should stay open minded & support him mentality & emotionally. Send him self help books to help him grow as a man & once he gets out. Let him prove the life he wants to live with u!!!

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