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Jay Z & Meek Mill – Goal Is To Free One Million Americans

Jay-Z & Meek Mill (along with others) set out to free 1 million Americans!

Last year, Meek Mill was released from jail on bail after spending 5 months for a MINOR probation violation (reportedly, Jay-Z helped him with his lawyer fees). Since then, he has made it his personal mission and duty to be a spokesperson for prison reform.

Meek Mill has recently teamed up with Jay-Z, Michael Rubin (76ers co-owner), Robert Kraft (New England Patriots owner) and Van Jones (CNN host) and they have launched the REFORM ALLIANCE. Their focus is to reduce the number of people who are unjustly in the prison system, beginning with parole and probation.

The organization has pledged $50 MILLION and hope to free one million inmates over the next 5 years. They plan to fight the hate with love & they are confident they are going to win!

Meek Mill is very passionate about this because he saw so many people in jail who did not have the same means or people who were pushing for their release as he did. He said he is here to speak for people who don’t have a voice! He talks about how he has been on probation for 11 years (his whole adult life), and he is tired of having to ask permission to do everything.

Kudos to Meek Mill, Jay-Z and all the other people who are behind this prison reform movement! Ear Kandy Radio salutes you! When you have a platform, please use your voice to help others!

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