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Jayland Walker – MURDERED by Akron Police (Body-cam Footage)

Justice for #JaylandWalker

Akron, OH – Jayland Walker (25) was gunned down by eight Akron Police Officers. Jayland Walker caused eight “trained” Akron Police Officers to fear for their heavily armed lives! Jayland Walker’s life was cut short with 60 rounds of gunfire from eight Akron Police Officers whom feared that he (Jayland Walker) would hurt them.

Today in Akron, Ohio the vibe is a different kind of vibe. Conversations are a bit off and limited. Celebrations of America’s “independence” are nonexistent to most this weekend.

Fireworks, family, food & laughter would usually be the main focus, but not this time. The topic of every cookout, party or function will be Jayland Walker & how he was murdered by those who took an oath to protect him.

Reports state that over 90 rounds were fired, 60 of those rounds entered Jayland Walker’s body. The body camera footage has been stalled out from the public for a few days, limited to family, attorneys & a selected few. But today it’s here & emotions are all over the place. 

The family of Jayland Walker has asked to keep the peace for the community & we all want peace as well as justice and accountability. As we watch the footage over & over again, we hurt deeply for the family & friends of Jayland Walker.

The Akron Police Department has a lot of explaining to do on this one with the hopes of removing these eight officers before that explanation starts (& not on a paid administrative leave). Jayland Walker was murdered. There is no “Holiday weekend” energy here in Akron, Ohio. This situation should not be the topic of any social gathering anywhere. We know where we stand & are well aware of the onslaught of “he should have complied” “he shouldn’t have ran” remarks but we stand where we stand. Justice for Jayland Walker is all we care about. 

The video below shows all 13 body cams of all the officers on the scene

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  1. I just want to send my sympathy to Jayland Walkers parents, other family and friends. May you lean on each other for the support needed to make it through this tragedy together. God Bless…

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