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Jim Jones & Chrissy Lampkin happy without marriage

Rapper Jim Jones best known for his number one hit song “We fly high”. Long time girl friend Chrissy Lampkin made a decision to propose to him on national television back in 2011 his gift back was a ring on their trip to miami. This couple has been together now for fifteen long years. The “Love & Hip Hop: New York” couple wont be walking down that aisle anytime soon. Recently Chrissy was on the TV show  “The Real” and was asked if marriage was still on the horizon. Her answer was “To be honest with you, it’s not a priority anymore our relationship is in a good place. I thought that (marriage) was the natural progression, but it’s not for everybody. So, we’re good right now.”

I personally feel like at this point if they don’t get married that’s their decision I just wouldn’t know how I would feel about that investing all that time then purposing to a man that I love and not being married several years later…… I wouldn’t ever do that but I’m just saying. I don’t think I would continue the relationship if it’s no change and at a stand still. Some people get married for all of the wrong reasons or all of the right ones. I hope one day they do get married and live a happy life. Marriage is not a game so you have to be ready and willing when you say “I DO” tune in to the new season of Love & Hip Hop: New York the first episode aired last night Dec 16th. The show comes on every Monday at 9:00pm 

Chrissy Lampkin & Jim Jones
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