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Joseline’s Cabaret Miami Airs Today On The Zeus Network

Congratulations are definitely in order for our girl @Joseline Hernandez!!! She was a break out star off the show Love & Hip Hop and now she has her own show coming out on The Zues Network called “Joseline’s Cabaret” Miami. The show airs tonight at 8 PM EST!

The Puerto Rican Princess is now the BO$$ of her own show and she will be calling the shots! The trailer she released on her social media pages today looks FIRE.

Word on the streets is the shows is all about the strip club industry. We will get an inside look on her recruiting process and her desire to recruit powerful women to represent her (and it’s cutthroat).

“It’s been three years since I left Love & Hip Hop, but everybody knows there ain’t no Love & Hip Hop without The Puerto Rican Princess. Now, I’m back with this cabaret, and my bitches is back. We’re about ready to take over Miami once again. The baddest bitch is back, and I’m here to stay.”

~Joseline (The Puerto Rican Princess) Hernandez

I can’t wait to tune in tonight! Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to give you guys my honest opinion and tell y’all all about it! Congratulations again to the beautiful Joseline Hernandez!!

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