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Jr Smith & His Wife Separated for Months

Jr Smith posted on his Instagram a picture stating that him & his wife has been separated for months and just have been quiet about it. He says GOD told him to tell the WORLD. Smh this is some fucked up shit at the end of the day social media doesn’t have to know everything especially your personal business.

Now this is a messy situation. Everybody is on the out looking in. Separated or not they are legally married to each other. Jr wife posted a Instagram video of her praying for Jr & His alleged new mistress …… Her name is Candice Patton she is a actress on “The flash”.

Jr Smith & His Wife.
Candice Patton The Mistress
Jr Smith’s Ig Story Post

Rumors are spreading that Jr was cheating on his beautiful wife with Candice. PRAYER does change things. I can hear the pain in her voice but she is a very strong women to publicly come and pray for them i respect her so much for that also not being mean or evil her heart is really so pure. Prayers to her family as well. People don’t understand situations can effect more than just the two people that’s involved…… Click the link below to watch the video of his wife powerfully praying. https://www.instagram.com/tv/B6L8RI4ADYM/?igshid=2a98yu473hne

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