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Judge Grants Joint Custody To Rapist

Detroit, MI – Christopher Mirasolo was granted joint custody of his child after a DNA test proved him to be the father. Under normal circumstances, this would be okay… but in this situation this is absolutely ludicrous!!! Mirasolo actually raped the child’s mother when she was only 12 years old, and the child is the product of that rape.

Christopher Mirasolo was convicted nine years ago and was only sentenced to one year in prison (but only ended up serving six and a half months) back in 2008. After being released, he was also convicted of another child sex assault where he served four years in prison.

Judge Gregory S. Ross granted him parenting time and joint custody of the then 8 year old boy after the DNA test determined he was the father. His name was also added to the birth certificate without the mother’s consent. The victim, Rebecca Klessling, was seeking protection under the federal Rape Survivor Child Custody Act. The judge eventually revoked custody from the father… but how was he ever granted it to him in the first place?

Now this story actually took place about two years ago, but I wanted to talk about it because of the new Heartbeat Laws passed here in the state of Ohio. It’s like “law makers” are so concerned with making and passing laws, that they aren’t really protecting the kids here! That was a 12 year old child who was raped. She had to become a parent at 13 and then the man who raped her somehow now has rights to his child?? What world are we living in where this is okay? He only served one year in prison, then gets out and raped another young girl. It seems like the system focuses on the wrong things… and leads me to believe that pedophilia is okay with a lot of our law makers. What was that judge thinking?!

How do you feel about this story?

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