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Judge Is FIRED – I mean – Quit After a Defendant Died – But Look How She Scolded Her

Broward County circuit Judge Merrillee Ehrlich was recently fired from her job… I mean, she resigned (although it is unclear when that resignation was provided and when it becomes effective) after a defendant died three days after appearing in her courtroom.

Sandra Fay Twiggs was 59 years old and she appeared in Judge Ehrlich’s courtroom only facing misdemeanor charges following a family feud.  The judge was so nasty towards Sanda, you honestly have to see this video to believe it.

The courtroom rant last Sunday was so over the top that Broward’s elected public defender, Howard Finkelstein, demanded that Judge Merrilee Ehrlich be banned from the criminal courthouse.  “It is not appropriate for anyone to endure that kind of treatment,” said Finkelstein’s chief assistant, Gordon Weekes. “All that was required was a bit of patience, and a bit of respect to allow this lady to speak, to gather herself and to breathe.”  Instead, Twiggs died, “and never had the opportunity to have her dignity restored,” Weekes said.Twiggs suffered from asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, also called COPD.   She was arrested after her and  her 19-year-old daughter got into a physical altercation.  “My mom is gone and there is nothing I can do about it,” said Michelle Ballard, the daughter. “I’m now a teenager who will have to bury her mother.”

Said Carolyn Porter, a family friend of Twiggs: “She came home so devastated she couldn’t catch her breath.”

Porter told the Miami Herald that once Twiggs was released from jail and taken back home, she was starving, dizzy and borderline breathless.  She had trouble getting her medications in the jail, Porter said.  Anna Twiggs, the woman’s sister, found her dead in her bed Wednesday morning, the day after she was released, Porter added.

Sandra Faye Twiggs had never been in trouble before when the Lauderhill Police Department charged her on April 13 with scratching her daughter during a domestic dispute that began with a disagreement over a fan.

There is NO REASON this woman should have been treated the way she was treated in that courtroom by EX Judge Merrilee Ehrlich!  It makes me so mad how people like Ehrlich are appointed to hand down these sentences and ultimately be the judge of somebody’s else’s future.  I am so happy they fired her.  What are your thoughts on this video?

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