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Judge Sets Everybody FREE After He Loses The Election

This story may sound crazy, maybe even a little funny… but it’s 100% REAL!  

District Court Judge Glenn Devlin (a Republican Judge) recently lost his seat to the Democratic opponent Natalia Oakes in November 6th’s midterm election.  The day after the votes were counted (Wednesday morning), Judge  Devlin went to work and surprised everybody in the court room.

All the juvenile’s who appeared in front of Judge Devlin were asked a peculiar question… “If released, were they going to kill somebody,” and as long as the juveniles answered “NO” he released them or rescheduled them to be back in court in January (when Judge Natalia Oakes is expected to take office).  The exact number is not known, but it is reported to be at least 7 juveniles whom were released, and they were all facing various crimes, some including aggravated robbery.

Judge Glenn Devlin allegedly told reporters “This is obviously what the voters wanted”.  The Chief public defender was not happy about Judge Devlin’s actions!  He just can’t seem to wrap his mind around his behavior.

What do you guys think about this judge??

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