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Justice or white privileged

First let me start off by saying Prayers to  Botham Jean family, friends and May he Rest In Peace. If you’re on social media or watch the news you witness Amber Guyger get a 10-year murder sentence for fatally shooting Botham Jean! Now I don’t want to play the race card but I have too!

10 years for a murder when it’s usually 25 to life is a light sentence and basically getting away with murder! Last year around this time Amber fatally shot & killed Botham Jean. Amber story was she thought he was a burglar breaking into her home. In fact it was not her apartment but his!

Guyger, 31, learned her fate after a sentencing hearing that included emotional testimony from the family of the victim, Botham Jean, and revelations that she shared racist and offensive texts and social media posts.

Amber is a former Taxes Police officer. Many people follow the story and watched it unfold. Amber’s mother and father was two of the people who testify in her trial. When her mother got on the stand talk about Amber’s child hood, family and an incident where she had been sexually abuse by her mothers former boyfriend.

Amber of course presented her side of the story as well. You can google the complete details of the case. My question that had social media in an uproar is do you feel they were to easy on her? Let me point out she had a Africa American female judge. Whom gave her a hug after the verdict on the case.

Botham Jean’s bother was accepting of her apology and embraced her with a hug after asking permission from the judge. Tears poured out over the whole court room.

According to reports Jean’s brother Addressing Guyger directly, he said, “If you truly are sorry — I know I can speak for myself — I forgive you, and I know if you go to God and ask him, he will forgive you.” Jeans brother also stated those were his feelings towards her he was not speaking for his family as a whole!

Jeans’ mother, Allison Jean, had testified Tuesday that she still struggles with the trauma of her son’s death, saying: “I cannot sleep. I cannot eat. It’s just been the most terrible time for me.” As any mother would! Losing a child is an unexplainable feeling and my prayers go out to her! It’s not clear if she feels justice has been served for the fatal murder of her child at this time.

Social media on the other hand was in an uproar over the verdict! 10 years is not a long time for a murder at all. Again prayers to his family! Another innocent african-American men shot & killed! And yes she will have to serve some time but if she was a freaking American woman or man that killed a white men he would have gotten life!

Race did play a part in the whole situation seeing how people testify that Amber was in fact racist towards her neighbor. The two had prior differences, yet his own brother embraced her! The judge embraced her! It was a lot of sympathy for Amber but what about the sympathy for Botham?

What are your thoughts? Do you feel the system provided Jean’s family with justice or a slap on the risk for a privileged white woman? This is Amerikkk….

So answer my question justice or white privileged?

Botham Jeans was born in Saint Lucia. He passed away September 6, 2018. He leaves behind a loving mother and father : Bertram JeanAllison Jean as well as his loving siblings Brandt JeanAlissa Charles-Findley. May his family have peace as well as other loved ones. Praying…..

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