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Justified or Homicide?


The family of Keith Lamont Scott, the black man shot dead by Charlotte police, released video Friday that his wife recorded on her cell phone at the time of the killing that includes sounds of gunfire and her hysterical pleas for police not to shoot him.

The two-minute and 12-second video, broadcast first by MSNBC, was obtained by NBC reporter Gabe Gutierrez who said the Scott family was planning to distribute it widely.

Scott, 43, was shot Tuesday afternoon by a black plainclothes police officer near an apartment complex. The family decided to release the cell phone video one day after viewing other footage from Charlotte police that officials have not released publicly.

I am very interested to hear the response of Mayor Jennifer Roberts after the public releasing of the video that killed Mr. Scott.  JUSTIFIED or HOMICIDE…

We have all ready heard from Todd Walther spokesman for Charlotte Fraternal Order Of Police, he told CNN he viewed the footage and it demonstrated Scott was “an obvious threat”  to the officers.

Well from my view point I would have to disagree with Todd Walthers account of the obvious threat…  It must be two video’s for him to come up with that conclusion or he is bias.

Community what do you think after witnessing the murder of Scott??

Photo courtesy of Time Magazine and USA Today.

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