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Juvenile’s Wife Had To Clapback At A Hatin Hoe

If you guys know me personally, then you know 400 DEGREES is still (& probably will always be) my favorite album!!! JUVIE did his thing on that album, and those songs will forever be timeless.

I follow Juvenile’s wife on Instagram @therealmrsjuvenile & she literally never bothers anybody! She just stays in her own world, and posts about her husband and family.

Well a hatin a** b*tch tried it today! I guess she thought she could come for Juvenile & his wife had to put that hoe in her place! Check out the clapback below….

#PERIOD #FlatTFOut play stupid games, you win stupid prizes! S/O to The Real Mrs. Juvenile, I know that’s right honey! She said they are still eating off that platinum money, girl don’t blow game!

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