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K. Michelle Implies She Can’t Help How She Looks Now That She Has A Completely Different Face

R&B Singer and former Love & Hip Hop Reality TV star, K. Michelle, implies she can’t help how she looks… NOW.

Months ago K. Michelle shocked the world when she posted an Instagram picture of her “new face.” The singer clearly had cosmetic work done to her face.

We Like Old K': K. Michelle's 10-Year Challenge Derails After Fans Say Her ' Before' Picture Looks Better

K Michelle appears to be a few shades lighter with a possible nose job. Some fans say she looks absolutely gorgeous, while others are shocked and appalled. Some people speculate the singer has insecurities that she needs to address, and some are even blaming it on colorism being the cause for the change because the R&B singer has been planning to take over the country music charts.

In a recent pic posted by Kimberly, a fan (a white lady) commented that K. Michelle looked better before the obvious procedures. Kimberly claps back telling the fan not to comment on a black woman’s appearance. She also said “ I’ve been fighting for my life…did you consider I can’t help how I look!?”

What is really wrong with K Michelle? Is this new look due to health issues? Is this a new image gone bad?  Is this her attempt to fit in to the country music world?

Ear Kandy Radio thinks she looks absolutely beautiful. Let us know what you think…

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