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Kaepernick wins

After countless back and forth debates after loosing something he’s worked so hard to achieve it finally seems Colin Kaepernick is making people realize his point of view. Former NFL qb was named GQ’s citizen of the year and it sent the world into another frenzy. Former ESPN writer Britt McHenry called it a joke and lobbied that their was more impactful NFL players that should have won over Colin Kaepernick. Contrary I personally believe that this is a stepping stone and another way for the activist to speak his word to he people, Kaepernick has become a movement and a symbol for the black community and his silent protest has gotten the attention of so many including our President Donald Trump. Congratulations to Colin Kaepernick for stepping up and using your platform and exemplifying what it takes to lead.


MMMK Reportshttps://www.gq.com/story/colin-kaepernick-cover-men-of-the-year

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