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**KANDY ALERT** Missing Teen Akron- 16 Jaijuan

***UPDATED*** Jaijuan is missing again! He stole his mother’s van this morning (May 25, 2019) and he left, now his mom does not know where he is. He was last seen in North Akron, wearing a grey shirt and blue jean pants. His mother is very worried about him and she does not want her child to be out on the streets. If you see Jaijuan, please contact his mother Candice Coachman on Face Book (click her name to go to her page).

We will NOT give up on any of the kids in our community… it takes a village and we need our village to help get Jaijuan home.

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***UPDATED – Jaijuan has been found*** Thank you guys for all the shares!

Jaijuan went missing yesterday on May 19, 2019! He got finished cutting the grass and told his mother (Candice Ccoachman) he would be back later and never returned.

Jaijuan is 16 years old and 170 pounds. He was wearing red, black white enyce pants, white shirt & red jacket. He currently goes to Pheonix school here in Akron, OH. He hangs out a little bit of everywhere, so he may be on any side of town.

If you see him, please send an inbox to his mom (Candice Coachman) or contact the Akron Police Department. Let’s get Jaijuan home.

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