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The Ear Kandy Radio team has been working hard and we recently did some networking in Columbus, Ohio. Myself, Brit Brat, LaShawn and Wayne took a road trip! Now myself (EKR manger) & Brit (CEO) has our shows on EKR. LaShawn is behind the scene she helps with travel arrangements and helps us at events! We appreciate her! Wayne use to have a show Waynes Views but is not apart of EKR but he still helps behind the scenes as our cameraman and yesterday our driver.

We have so much in store for the network! I can’t give all the details away but we recently added new shows and expanded to Columbus. We have Ted with the gifted voice who just aired his first show yesterday! ( https://youtu.be/ygBnfdefA2k) We also are looking for new shows in the Columbus area if interested.

Sharron, who will be our manager at our new location and for our street team. She has many celebrity connections and is already on the ball! We appreciate her so much. She’s networking and does everything for our family to become better.

We got to network with another radio station! A Dj ( Brandon Johnson on Facebook) he’s a well known Dj for all events and he’ll even travel. We networked with some artists and an up and coming fashion designer! Let’s just say we had a ball! We didn’t party but being able to network and get our name out more is way better!

There were great vibes and a love performance by no other than Wayne’s Views! He was signing and turned up there and back! (Video below)

Waynes Views Performed A 4 Hour Concert

We’er so excited for what’s next for EKR and we appreciate everyone who supports us! Big s/o to everyone who wants to see us win & everyone who made this possible! This is only the beginning! The best is yet to come! Stay tune check out pics and videos below

Brit & LaShawn
DeAnna Kay & Brit Brat
Bsquared the Dj & DeAnna Kay (bro & sis)
Successful interview

Again Thank you guys for all the support! If anyone is interested in having a show on Columbus or being apart of our street team please contact. This is just the start, we plan on taking over multiple cities. It’s the Kandy Take over!

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