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Kanye West Disses Akron’s Own LeBron James & The I Promise School

Kanye West released his 10th studio album, Donda, and it is already climbing the music charts, although he claims his label, Universal Music Group, released the very much delayed album without his approval and also “blocked” a song featuring DaBaby & Marilyn Manson from being on the it.

I’m not a huge fan of Kanye West, so I wasn’t even going to mention the album (which I have yet to listen to or download), but he talked bad about our Akron hometown hero, LeBron James and the school he opened up.

Kanye is heard calling out LeBron for sending his kids to Sierra Canyon, despite having his own I Promise School.

Updated 9/7/21 @ 7:50pm

Drake leaked this track and looks like it actually didn’t even make it on Kanye’s album. Also… Kanye may be talking about himself. Looks like he also opened a school and his kids also go to Sierra Canyon. Maybe that’s the reason he never released the track on the album. Either way… he needs to clarify who he’s talking about.

Sierra Canyon is a private High school is in Los Angeles (where LeBron James lives and works), and the I Promise is a public school is in his hometown, Akron, OH. I Promise is dedicated to helping children who are already failing and/or those children who are in jeopardy of falling through the cracks.

Kanye West really could’ve kept that line to himself & kept LeBron out of it… But like Drake said in one of his new songs “No friends in the industry.”

Akron isn’t going for it buddy! We just might boycott Kanye… what do you guys think??

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