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Kanye West Releases Campaign Video & Asks Voters To Write His Name In On The Ballot

Just weeks before the Presidential Election takes place, Kanye West released his first official campaign video running for 2020 President. He is calling on the country to vote for him as a “write-in” candidate.

According to the Federal Election Commission filings, Kanye has used at least $6 million of his own dollars to fund his campaign. Despite his efforts, he has failed to get his name on the ballots in most states.

Yes, Kanye West is really on the ballot for president in Virginia

“Through prayer, faith can be restored”

~Kanye West

Take a look at his campaign video below. Early voting opened up earlier this month, and the polls have been packed daily. Do you guys think he released this video too late, especially since a good chunk of the voters have already casted their vote.

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