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Karlie Redd Admitted To ICU After LHHA Scuffle

Kalie Redd, one of the stars from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta was allegedly viciously attacked, and beaten down by one of her rivals from the show, and had to be rushed to the hospital & placed in ICU. The altercation happened in an Atlanta night club.

Now this actually happened about a week ago, but the news is just getting out since the police have been involved and are now investigating the situation.

Everybody is being stitched lip about who actually attacked her since the police have been involved (you know what they say, snitches get stitches LOL), but reports are saying at least one of the people involved has previously appeared on the show.

Karlie has been released from the hospital, and she is recovering… but she has stopped filming for the show pending this police investigation. Y’all know Karlie Redd is always talking that shit, I guess somebody was sick and tired of it!

Prayers out to Ms. Karlie Redd for a speedy recovery.

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