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Karol Sanchez the girl who recently was kidnapped in: New York faked her disappearance

This sixteen year old Karol Sanchez was walking down the street with her mother of East 156th Street in Melrose, New York. When two men jumped out of a van snatched her up & dragged her to their vehicle. More than 12 hours after her kidnapping & amber alert was out to the media and posters was posted all over New York. She was soon taken into to custody for police to question her at the 40th Precint station house. The police found her at one of her relatives house in the Bronx. According to reports she won’t be charged with any charges……… Police are investigating if her boyfriend is in on the frame disappearance. Sources say that the teenage girls mother wanted them to moved back to Honduras but she was against moving back. Who would play like that when it’s all this crazy bullshit going on in the world like human trafficking , women & young teenage girls is going missing everyday. Some of these people are found dead or never found again. This is very sad & sickening to fake about something that is very serious and happening all over the word everyday. She need some type of consequences for pulling this fake disappearance this is not cool or okay. Its like the story about the boy who cried wolf now what if one day she was to get kidnapped nobody would believe it ! 

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