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Kash Doll x Lil Kim – When Bo$$ B*thc*s Link Up Its Always Love

Y’all know we love Kash Doll here at Ear Kandy Radio, and I was on her page last night… and my girl hooked up with Lil Kim in the D (Detroit that is) for a special concert & performance!

That’s why I love Kash Doll! She ain’t never on no hatin shit… and she always pays homage! Her & Lil Kim’s chemistry was super dope and they really put on for the fans at the concert!

Both Fat Joe and Lil Cease were also in the building.

Not only did they put on for the fans, but it looks like they also had a great time… Kash Doll even posted about her & Lil Kim fighting over the check! I’m so happy Kash Doll is getting the recognition she finally deserves. She’s been working so hard, this is her year to shine.

&&& Speaking of SHINING, yo girl Kash Doll was rocking the entire Louis Vuitton Store last night!

Check out the video from Kash Doll’s story.

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