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Kehlani & YG Broke Up!

Kehlani and her ex-boo, YG, JUST released a song together on Valentine’s Day… now it is being reported that the two have split! Kehlani made a tweet (which has since been deleted) basically saying SHIT HAPPENS.

“Shit happens. Life really happens. U Jus gotta stay pure and move with love and thank god you are one of the ones that do.”

~ Kehlani

Kehlani then released a new song titled “Valentine’s Day – Shameful” & the lyrics to the song sound like she just might be talking about former lover, YG!

I’d say your name but you don’t deserve recognition

You played the hero but you really are the villain

You called me crazy, but it was my intuition

Used me for status and the fame and recognition.

~ Kehlani (Valentine’s Day – Shameful)
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