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Kevin Gates Tattoos NBA Youngboy’s Face on His Body

Usually when people get a tattoo, there is a meaning behind it.  However, sometimes people get addicted to the pain/just addicted to the physical act of getting tattoos and there is no real meaning behind their tattoos.  Whatever the case may be, whenever a man gets a tattoo (portrait) of another man (who is not their family or is not dead), it always makes me raise my eyebrows.

In recent news, our boy Kevin Gates got his new industry friend’s face tattooed on him (NBA YoungBoy – Never Broke Again).  He posted the picture on his Instagram page & shouted out the tattoo artist who did the portrait.

So, I honestly don’t have any positive words for this tattoo.  If anything, I think he at least could have came to my husband @cukymonster to really get some dope work.  Since I am married to a tattoo artist, I really look at the detail in tattoos… and I just don’t think the artist did a good job.  In addition to it not being the best tattoo…  why did he get his new friend’s face tattooed on his body??  Is he trying to show him his loyalty or that he is really down for him?  I just need some answers.  Going through the comments, it was a lot of people calling him gay & just as many people saying it is “normal”.  SO, how do you guys feel?  Cool or not cool?!

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2 thoughts on “Kevin Gates Tattoos NBA Youngboy’s Face on His Body

  1. Lol. nba youngboy i have a celebrity crush on him. he has herpes but idc. he has a great personality. ??

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