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KICKED OUT FOR BEING BLACK in Akron, OH – The Merchant Tavern

Well Happy Black History Month to Ear Kandy Radio!!! There’s no better way to celebrate it better than being kicked out of an all white restaurant (all white staff & all white customers excluding the three black customers who were kicked out). Yes that’s right, The Merchant Tavern located at
1824 Merriman Rd in Akron, OH kicked us out of their restaurant!

It all started because we ordered some food we didn’t like (Calamari). The breading came out uncooked & too light for our liking, and the squid was actually very tough. We told the waitress we did not like the dish and she said since “they cooked it right” they couldn’t give us another appetizer but they could cook the same dish… but could not offer a refund (I’ve never heard this before in a restaurant … but okay). When we expressed our dissatisfaction with the policy, the waitress became combative for a few minutes then eventually apologized. She then finally offered to take it off of our bill, which wasn’t what we wanted in the first place. We paid for our bill & we were talking to each other when another customer told us to cut the waitress some slack (& jumped at Wayne’s Views). That’s when all hell broke lose. The entire employee establishment crowded the customers until they exited the building. Upon these chaos, the owner of this business SNATCHED the customer’s phone! 

Unless you like under cooked calamari and HORRIBLE customer service to “colored folk”, then you’ll have a grand time at this Tavern. Take a look at the videos below.

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