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Kim Jong-Un Reported DEAD

Media outlets in China and Japan are currently reporting North Korea’s Dictator, Kim Jong-Un, has died (or is currently on his death bed in a vegetative state).

China sent a medical team to check in on Kim, and the vice director of a Hong Kong-backed news channel said he’s dead (which they are reporting to be a very credible source). The director also put the report on an app called Weibo (for over 15 million followers to read), stating he was in a “vegetative state” after a surgery on his heart went wrong.

The report continued talking about how Kim had fell down in early April while visiting the countryside, and he was grabbing his chest. Then they discovered he needed a stent procedure done… but it either wasn’t done in time or it was a botched job by the surgeon (as reports as saying the surgeon had shaky hands).

There is always a risk anytime you have to go under the knife, especially when doing such a major surgery like on the heart. So many rumors are circulating about Kim’s condition, and the fact he has not made any public appearances has people wondering if the reports are true.

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