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King James Rockin To King Locust – IM A FACTOR

Akron, OH – The video posted below is a whole MOOD… & I know exactly how our guy, LeBron James was feeling listening to this song! LeBron James posted this clip to his stories & he is seen rocking out HARD to none other than King Locust (another Akron native) & his Akron Anthem “I’m A Factor”

I definitely feel you Bronny!!! I’ve been there many days, riding to King Locust, and his music just makes you vibe, especially if you’re from the AK & you can feel what he’s talking about. Check out the video below & S/O to both LeBron James & King Locust. The AK is definitely a FACTOR because of both of you.

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3 thoughts on “King James Rockin To King Locust – IM A FACTOR

  1. LeBron you the dude for that one that one of the best songs to listen before a game or just getting in with the weights

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