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King Locust Drops K.O.A.K. Volume 3 On Tupac’s Birthday

Akron legend King Locust dropped his 19th album today (6-16-18)!!!  That’s BIG…  19 albums since he has been in the game and somehow he continues to not only remain relevant, but he remains a major factor in the city for the rap game.  Releasing the album today was symbolic because today is Tupac’s (one of the greatest rappers to ever hit the tracks) birthday.

If Tupac was still alive, he would have turned 47 years old today.  It’s hard to believe that he died 22 years ago.  When Tupac died, to me… a big portion on the rap game died with him.  I feel like a lot of these story book rappers would not have even made it on wax if he was still alive.  To be honest with you (and I speak on it all the time), I truly believe the music & all the other images “they” put out there on the TV and in movies contribute to the reasons society as a whole is in the position we are in… But we’ll talk about that another time in another blog.

Let’s get back to King Locust from East Side and this K.O.A.K. Volume 3 (King of All Kings).  One of the many things I respect about him is his grind.  His work ethic is amazing.  He is very innovative regarding the way he goes about branding & marketing himself and his music.  Not only does he do music, but he also has a global marketing company (Global Mogul) which he uses to promote his clothing, liquor (Clique Vodka, Spanish Oak, Gin Foundry & Cosmopolitan Diva), cigars & he has a few other things brewing in the pot.  Another thing I would have to mention about King Locust is the fact that he is 100% real & authentic.  He is all about sticking to his morals and keeping it real and it truly exudes through his music.

K.O.A.K. 3 has 20 songs on the album and they are all FIRE & they all have a different feel.  King Locust leaked 4 of the songs on my show earlier this week and before posting this blog, I listened to the whole album!  I really loved K.O.A.K. 2 and I really didn’t know how he would top it, but this K.O.A.K. 3 is DOPE!  My favorite track is # 11 (This Life feat. Lizzen and Ampichino) and also # 15 (Alright – Global Mogul Remake feat. Smiggz).  Check out the album by downloading it on

Apple Music – >*>*> “CLICK HERE K.O.A.K. 3”

TIDAL – >*>*> “CLICK HERE K.O.A.K. 3”

Amazon Music – >*>*> “CLICK HERE K.O.A.K. 3”

Spotify – >*>*> “CLICK HERE K.O.A.K. 3”

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