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King Locust New Visual Million To A Billion


King Locust, Akron, OH rap legend just released his new visual for his video Million To A Billion.  One thing we can  say about King Locust is he stays current, innovative & puts out great music… and this song & video definitely exceeds all our expectations.  Please check out the video and let us know what you think!  #PLEASESHARE

In addition to music & promoting his brand “Global Mogul” he also has tapped into an industry where not many Black people have been able to penetrate, the liquor industry.  He is a brand ambassador for Clique Vodka and Spanish Oak Brandy.  King Locust has also tapped into the film industry as well as he has made appearances in short films & even writes his own stories (as he has a few projects in the works).


King Locust is a good friend of mine.  Above all the music, I respect him as a person.  He has a lot of wisdom, always an encouraging word & will tell you the 100% real (this dude ain’t gonna sugar coat NOTHING) , and you don’t see too many people who are like that.  Be sure to follow King Locust on all social media avenues…  He has a few things up his sleeve & also has a huge project coming up with yours truly!  STAY TUNED

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