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Kodak Black Brutally Attacked In Jail

According to TMZ Kodak Black made a post about his experience of being in jail treated badly. We all know the police gets away with anything. Its very disturbing to me that people in jail is treated this way when they are already in a bad environment.

On October 29, 2019 Kodak was laced with an unknown substance he felt like he was dying asked for medical attention and was denied. Also He got into a altercation with a inmate and was pepper sprayed then beat to death. Kodak black mentioned he was mourning about his brother Juice Wrld while battling fighting being mistreated. This is a sad situation to be in keep him in prayers. 

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6 thoughts on “Kodak Black Brutally Attacked In Jail

  1. That’s crazy praying for you…. police brutality has to stop, this is not going to stop if officer want get a slap on the ✋ hand all the time,,,,

  2. But then they say cops lives matter ok other peoples lives matter as well. If cops are suppose to be setting examples then watching what their doing as a role model is influencing others they feel if a cop can do it and get away then they can do. Most of the times cops do get away but its not fair but their quick to arrest somebody sad. I feel if cops can get away then what can the world do? This situation is sad and my thoughts and prayers goes out to the family, how can the killing stop IF THE COPS DONT STOP? I say cops because they are suppose to PROTECT AND SERVE not AIM AND KILL. Its hard being who we are but I feel a cop, judge, lawyer, and any other official government puts their pants on just like we do one leg at a time and we all have red blood so get over the racial issue because our newest generation are of a different race but its fine, no matter what, blacks and whites needs to reunite because the babies are who GOD wants them to be dont matter of the color. You look around and you see black and white couples if their happy im happy BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. Life must go on and I just had to say something because nobody listen when it comes to government official but they need to be held accountable for what they do instead of abusing their authority and power. “ALL LIVES MATTERS”
    dont matter of the color. God was not a bias God so peoples can not change a thing but God has the power too and WE ARE NOT GOD
    The future singer, actor, or whatever he wanted to be died and the question is for what? I bet nobody has a answer because all the hea/ is not going on one person. Come on now why was this man hurt when he was already in there hurting and we pay to take care of them in the system not send them to jail to kill him because REALLY that could have happened on the street. All these crazy things getting in the prison come on now need to better guard these peoples. Well ive talked enough but im always up for a debate on issues like this and whoever brings it better be ready for a reality check becaue IM REAL.

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