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Kodak Black Teaches His 7-Yr-Old Son A Lesson About “F*cking”

Kodak Black is known for saying and doing some pretty wild things on social media, but I honestly think this one takes the cake.

Kodak Black was on live when he overheard his 7-year-old son saying “he was getting f*ucked tonight.” Kodak paused immediately and tried to get some clarification as to what his son was really trying to say.

Kodak asked his son what he was doing tonight and his son reiterated that he was getting f*cked tonight. Kodak asked his son “by who,” and his son explained it would be his girlfriend.

Just when I thought Kodak would be a responsible parent and tell his son a valuable lesson about being too young to have sex… he didn’t! Instead, he told him “we do the f*I king, she getting f*cked tonight!” He even started showing him how to do it. Check out the video below… I can’t make this up!

How do you guys feel about the lesson he taught his 7-year-old son? Let’s talk about it. Is there a such thing as being “too real” when it comes to talking to your kids?

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One thought on “Kodak Black Teaches His 7-Yr-Old Son A Lesson About “F*cking”

  1. This ignorance at its highest he should be ashamed that he is teaching his kids this bullshit I am sad for this generation and the fans or people who think this is funny your the problem too.!

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