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L DRO (330) Just Released Higher Learning

Akron, OH – March 13th marks the date which rapper, L-Dro, released his new album, Higher Learning. The album is available on all platforms, and he is truly taking us higher with the release of this album.

The album is FIRE!!! Y’all know I had to grab that hard copy. He is talking about some real situations, real life… he does more than just rhyming on the beat, his lyrics are super dope! I had to run a few songs back to hear exactly what he just said!

L-Dro even has a feature on the album with Jadakiss and Beanie Sigel!“The Life We Live” #2 on the album.

The album has 12 songs on it, and if you missed his interview on my show this past Thursday… he also co-produced four of the songs on the album!

This whole album is a vibe, and you guys have got to download it now! Shout out to L Dro for pushing through and hitting us off with another album. He had a rough few years, but he is back at the top of his game! #SALUTE!

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