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L.Y.F.E. Series (Living to Your Fullest Expectations) with Ka’Ress Boykin

Sunday, August 5, 2018
2085 Riverfront St. Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221

L.Y.F.E Series are collaborations on life’s journeys, entrepreneur endeavors, relationship strengthening, life fulfillment strategies and an array of ideas to live your life to the fullest expectations. Founder Ka’Ress Boykin has made it her mission to bring positivity back to Akron, OH. Ka’Ress Boykin started L.Y.F.E Series in 2014, since the inception she has branched off to a L.Y.F.E Series teen addition as well. The L.Y.F.E Series events include reputable speakers who provide motivation, empowerment, and skills for living to your fullest expectations.
Interested in attending tickets are on sale until Saturday, August 4, 2018. You can purchase tickets by visiting lyfeseries.ticketleap.com.

Ka’Ress Boykin
Founder of L.Y.F.E Series

Quote from Ka’Ress 

“I really want to thank everyone who has shared Lyfe Series flyer, told someone about Lyfe Series, purchased a ticket etc. etc. it’s VERY hard trying to get people to do positive things and yes i get discouraged quite often but on the flip side it is very REWARDING doing this for my city. We need it! My advice to anyone trying to do something with themselves don’t worry about how many likes you get on your business or the naysayers in the back during the process if it’s not popular they won’t rock with it, but keep going because four years later each time I do Lyfe Series there are literally no seats left and you can tell by other people’s responses (not just mine) that it is a good experience! Positive vibes! Very enlightening! Each time a different experience. It’s refreshing to hear stories from people just like us who thought they couldnt make it or made it thru life regardless of the hands that were dealt to them. No victims of their circumstances just real life!! Live to Your fullest expectations (LYFE) so that you can live up to what your kids, mothers, fathers, siblings, spouses, expect you to be. Without expecting things from yourself you will let everyone else down that expect things from you. And this is my whole purpose of LYFE Series so again thank you from the bottom of my heart!”


This year’s Speakers

          Ray Jr.
         Legit Paper Ent.


         Bianca Shellie Robinson
Cayden Cay Consulting Inc.

      Donovan Boyd
     The Marketing Coach

List of vendors who will be at L.Y.F.E Series

SOS 1040 Plus, LLC
Get Whippd
Glam-Her Lash Loft
Cut by Clay
Whole Body Bliss
2 Black Girls
Ejaxn International Building Material
Murtis Taylor
Universal Screen Arts
The Marketing Coach

This is an event you don’t want to miss! 
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Gabrielle M. Daniel
Vice President at SOS 1040 PLUS, LLC
Phone 330-836-2100
Email gd@sos1040.com
Website www.sos1040.com







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