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Label Execs Are F*ck^ng Rappers – DJ Akademiks

Rap prodigy, DJ Akademiks, went on record saying how some of the (male) label executives in the industry are having sex with the (male) rappers and nobody is talking about it!

DJ Akademiks was doing a twitch session and he was talking about the rumors swirling around Hollywood regarding T.I. and Tiny. He really didn’t say too much about them or even about the executives he is accusing because he really “doesn’t want to get randomly killed,” but he says it is definitely happening.

“I don’t even think I can believe all of this stuff, but I’ll say this, In the land of Hollyweird, like don’t ever think this sh^t is just too weird for you. There’s a couple of executives that I be hearing are f*ck^ng the male rappers — and they’re male too. And I’ve been saying how come he keeps sucking these n*ggas off and nobody talks about this?”

There have always been rumors about the gay men in Hollywood. I wonder why people will not come forward? I remember seeing a clip on YouTube a while back and Xhibit was talking about this exact topic. I’m pretty sure he mentioned P. Diddy as one of the men being gay in Hollywood.

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