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Lebron James

Lebron James just a kid from Akron making changes in our community. This intelligent NBA star has opened his own school I Promise through his Lebron James Family Foundation . I Promise school located in his home town Akron, Ohio. I Promise school offers help to parents to finish high school and further free tutions to the University of Akron upon graduation according to ESPN. I believe Lebron is giving opportunities to better this community & the people that’s apart of it. He was nice enough to take his 3rd graders on a trip to the polar express. In a video , students wear “we are family “ T-shirt’s as they show their tickets to the Polar Express. His students are really happy singing & dancing on their way to the “North pole “. 

Christmas is approaching soon this was very nice of him to do for his students showing appreciation and treating them to a great time. Lebron is an amazing person always giving back to his community. ESPN says Lebron James has spent MILLIONS of dollars into the school which took almost 10 years to create. Hard work & Dedicaton does pay off this is motivation for other people to be inspired by all that he does. Great work Lebron keep setting great examples !

Lebron James
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